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Do you take others for granted?


You would realize that, at the latest, if you complained about something someone did “not right”. All of us are making hundreds of choices daily when interacting with ourselves or other people. We could choose to be rude, to be unreliable, to be ignorant. Yet instead, most of us most of the time decide to be respectful, to do our best, to be trustworthy. We learn and grow and we become damn good at things others rely on us to do. So how come in some social environments people recognize our shortcomings first and our gifts last? Do YOU tend to see the negative in people before you take note of the positive? Chances are you do.

Addressing what we don’t like about other people’s behaviour might result in them changing it. However – NOT addressing what we value about them might cause them to change exactly these things, too. Only if we acknowledge and appreciate them for it – verbally or through other ways – will they know what difference it makes to keep doing what they are doing.

Reflect with me on the hidden superpower of appreciation and how it can make a difference in your personal or professional life.

The Hidden Superpower | WHYLD Podcast


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[…] Yeah, I get it sounds weird, it sounds cheesy. But no joke. My relationship with appreciation as a concept goes back to my early childhood. My dad had instilled it in me. Maybe it’s a thing that many parents share, but I assure you, my dad is a world champion in appreciation. No one celebrates every little victory of their kids so enthusiastically. And he probably also belongs to the elites when it comes to expressing gratitude for what is good in his life. He loves helping people, he respects animals deeply. And he makes sure he speaks of others in an appreciative and positive manner. My dad made me aware of the fact that we, as human beings, are quick to hand out criticism but thrifty when it comes to praise. I have talked about this before, in one of the early episodes of the podcast, number 3 called “The Hidden Superpower”. […]

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