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Pleasure, indulgence, and abundance is a popular theme of society.


Especially in safe and economically prosperous parts of the world. Abstaining from something that we enjoy and think we need can therefore be experienced as anything between pointless, sad, and even downright scary. This could apply to all kinds of things, like cars, kitchen gadgets, sex, traveling or posting selfies on social media.

But none of these examples pose an actual existential threat when we decide to renounce these items. Unlike the matter we will explore in this episode: The renouncement of foods in temporary fasting. This is why fasting is a controversial topic, or at least a choice that many people deem to be something along the line of silly and insane. 

Whether you have always wondered what freaks pay to go on a fasting retreat, or you are curious about trying out this practice for yourself, listen in to this solo episode for some solid insight and myth busting. 

Want to know more about the medical foundations of fasting? Check out this highly recommendable documentary produced by ARTE. 

Reset Through Fasting | WHYLD Podcast

Reset through Fasting

Solo Episode

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