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Do you feel safe relating your authentic truth?

When I was in college, I got really interested in studying intentional living communities, co-ops, cohousing communes. […] A lot of what the co-ops would run into were these continuous communication problems. […] There were conflicts, they just wouldn’t get dealt with because no one knew how to do it.”

Often, we find ourselves in challenging situations of socializing and communicating: The awkward small talk at our friend’s party, the job interview that we do not know how to conduct in a light and relaxed atmosphere, the difficult topic we want to bring up with our partners or housemates.

Sara Ness used to struggle with this, too, thinking she was lacking the social skills required. Until she discovered practices that have the power to boost connection, trust, and communication in any setting: Authentic Relating.

Sara is a connector, facilitator, community builder, founder, curious soul, and relentless researcher.

Listen to her share what she learned through years of facilitating Authentic Relating, why she never actually liked being the CEO of her company Authentic Revolution, and what her latest research project on Relating Languages is about.

Sara Ness | WHYLD Podcast Episode 31

Sara Ness

photo courtesy of Sara Ness

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