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Did you know that up to 1 in 4 recognized pregnancies end in miscarriage?


This is something few know about. In school during sex education, we learn how to avoid pregnancies. However, the other side of the medal is rarely spoken about: How to deal with not being able to get pregnant or the child never making it through to being a new, miraculous life on this planet.

What does it really mean to experience a miscarriage? What do hormonal contraceptives you took in the past have to do with your chances of getting pregnant today? What options do you have when the embryo inside you is declared unable to develop any further?

Losing a child or the hope to ever have one is often kept under a veil of silence, leaving those who experience this fate on their own. Medical professionals offer help to “fix” things as if they were broken. But is there really something wrong with those concerned or are there things to understand and learn before pregnancy is working for a body?

In this episode of the podcast, a woman who has gone through the emotional and physical roller coaster ride of family planning, fertility centers, and miscarriages opens up about her experiences. Sandra Winterbach, a life coach from Hamburg, Germany, seeks to be an ally for those finding themselves in similar situations by sharing what she has learned and what has helped her through this difficult time. Her intimate account offers valuable insight into the complex topic of fertility as well as guidance for those who seek help navigating its terrain.

Here are some resources on the topic that Sandra recommends:

Sandra Winterbach | WHYLD Podcast

Sandra Winterbach

Author & Coach @ inspireallies

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