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Like sweet and sour: Contrast makes a wholesome recipe – even a recipe for happiness?


“You can’t actualize yourself without being mindful. It’s just not possible.”


Contentment, joy, satisfaction, happiness, well-being… we use various words to describe a phenomenon that all of us seek to maximize in our lives.

Do the aforementioned terms really refer to the same thing? In what ways are they related? And what do we need to do to attain happiness and its linguistic siblings?

Leonard Gabriel Heygster wanted answers. And he had a hypothesis: “What you focus on is what you get more of.” So, he mused, if he spent more time thinking about happiness… would he then get happier automatically? Worth a try! And what better way to delve into a topic than to interview scientists and experts on the matter? The HumansAreHappy Podcast was born.


In this episode, we ask Leonard about

  • What are the preliminary findings on his quest to understand happiness?
  • Is there an actionable recipe for happiness?
  • Which deep beliefs made him choose a rational, scientific approach for HumansAreHappy… and why does he now know that this alone cannot complete his journey?
  • Did spending that much time thinking about happiness actually make him a happier person?


Join us for this deep conversation and get just one step closer to authentic fulfilment in your life.

Leonard Gabriel Heygster | WHYLD Podcast Episode 32

Leonard Gabriel Heygster


photo courtesy of Leonard G. Heygster

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